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Annie Stevens

Annie has been coaching and advising executives domestically and in Europe for more than 20 years. While working directly with the founders of the industry, Annie crafted a coaching protocol and roadmap based on years of industry experience coaching executives, physicians, and scientists. She has extensive experience coaching at all levels of an organization and in numerous industries including biotech/pharma, financial services, academia, healthcare, non-profits, and retail.

Annie is known for empathizing with a  person's experiences and building trust, while still holding him

or her accountable for behaviors and stated goals.


Developmental Coaching is tailored to develop and advance high-potential individuals, managers, and emerging leaders that the organization has identified as future mentors and influencers.

These individuals possess organizational history, technical expertise, political savvy, and relationship backgrounds that people hired from outside of the organization might lack. 

New Leader

New leaders are expected to deliver results quicker than at anytime in history. New Leader Coaching utilizes customized tools to help newly promoted and newly hired leaders to quickly understand the culture, expectations, goals, and potential obstacles to success, and to anchor the on-boarding process with a 30/60/90-day action plan.


The Coaching Process

Performance Improvement
For more than a decade organizations have transitioned 
from using coaching for performance improvement to developmental coaching for high-potenital individuals. With that said, there are still high-performing and contributing individuals that may need to modify interpersonal approach strategies, management style, communication choices, etc.   Performance Improvement Coaching utilizes a proven coaching model and creative approach to help these individuals to be more effective. 
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